Audit The Fed


Demand a Senate vote to Audit the Fed

Ron Paul is retired. But Rep. Paul Broun and Sen. Rand Paul reintroduced his bill to Audit the Fed.

The good news? It passed the House last month, by a wide margin!

The bad news? Majority Leader Reid intends to block a Senate vote. 

Is there any more good news? YES! Reid WILL schedule a vote if given no other choice.  That relies on you.  Tell your Senators to pressure Reid using DownsizeDC.org’s Audit the Fed Campaign.       

I will say it again, it won’t work. Waste of time. Never ever will it happen. I promise.

Shane Radliff and Donna Long will be hosting. Topics can be anything and everything and people can join in on the Hangout whenever and talk with us. Should be a good time and very informational. Hopefully everything goes smoothly and we get a good turn out. Share this with anyone and everyone!

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