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Actually, the swastika has been used in many ancient civilizations prior to Hitler, who stigmatized it. It represents the principle originating the universe, or life. it means "well-being." The swastika has been a significant peace symbol until Nazis began to use it. The builders of the Baha'i House of Worship have no affiliation to this terrible version of the swastika.

I am very aware. I am well versed in ancient religions. I only pointed it out because of the negative connotation that surrounds it now. No one knows of it’s roots. On top of that, this temple was built before Hitler and the Nazi’s (well, the German ones, socialists have been around forever), so naturally there is no correlation.

The main aspect I wanted to point out was the “world peace by a world government” aspect in the pamphlet. The swastika was just an interesting addition.



So I visited the Baha’i temple. I’m mind-blown. I talked to a guide for a little while and here’s is what I found out. The upright beams represent the roots of religion and how they lead up to today, with everyone worshiping the same God. All religions worshiping under one roof- hence, a ONE WORLD religion.

I took a picture of the pamphlet and right there in front of your eyes: “World peace upheld by a world government.” 

If you take a close look at the beam (I took quite a few pictures of it) there is a Swastika. That sent chills down my spine. 

Here’s your proof people. I wasn’t BSing about this being the religion of the New World Order. Scary stuff.

I highly recommend you visit this place. It is a beautiful temple, but damn those that built it. 

Here is another excerpt from the pamphlet:

"Baha’is believe that throughout history God has revealed Himself and His teaching to humanity through a series of Divine Messengers that stretches back beyond recorded time and includes Abraham, Moses, Krishna, Buddha, Zoroaster, Christ, and Muhammad. The missions of these Manifestations of God represent successive stages in spiritual evolution of civilization. Baha’i’ullah is recognized by Baha’is as the latest of these Divine Messengers, the Promised One for this age.”


I’m always annoyed. I don’t have any other emotions really than just annoyed. It’s stuff like: “Oh yeah, I’ll be voting for him in the next Presidential election.” Or, “We MUST protect Israel.” Or, “We should just nuke the Middle East and be done with it.” Or, “I just ranked up in the United Nations military (well, they SAY US Army or whatever puke comes out of their mouth).” I’m just annoyed man. Someone give me some hope that not everyone is this brain-dead. Bill Cooper couldn’t find much hope (if any) in the sheeple 20 years ago. Prove me wrong.

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